Products & Applications

Products & Applications

Product description

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of polyamide-6 chips (also known as "nylon 6 chips"). The polyamide-6 chips are produced by the polymerization of caprolactam and are usually white cylindrical flake particles, which are widely used in nylon fibers (including civil fibers and industrial fibers), engineering plastics and film manufacturing, and are the intermediates linking chemical raw materials and downstream applications in nylon industry.

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    Upstream raw materials
    • Oil

    • Benzene

    • Caprolactam

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    Company products
    Polyamide-6 chips
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    Downstream application areas
    • Nylon

      For civil use: clothing, fabrics, socks, bags, cord fabrics, umbrellas, ropes, BCF low elastic yarn, etc.
      For industrial use: tire cord, seat belts, industrial blankets, fishing netting twines, etc.

    • Engineering

      Widely used in automotive, electronics, transportation and machinery and other fields.

    • Film

      Film materials for packaging, widely used in the packaging of food, chemical products, medical supplies and mechanical and electronic products.

Product Category

Fiber grade chips

It can be applied to the production of civil spinning and industrial spinning materials.

Product features

It has the characteristics of high spinnability, high strength, and high dyeability, and includes different models such as J2403F, J2400F, and J2416F, etc.

Engineering plastic grade chips

It can be applied to the modification of nylon composite materials, the direct injection of engineering plastics, and the production of various high-load mechanical parts, electronic and electrical switches and equipment.

Product features

It has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, aging resistance, high impact resistance and wear resistance, and includes different models such as J2000, J2400, J2500Z, J2700, and J2800, etc.

Film grade chips

It can be used in the production of edible, medical packaging films, and automotive lithium battery films.

Product features

It has the characteristics of high biaxial stretch, high strength, high barrier and high transparency, including different models such as J2800F, J3200M, J4001M, etc.

Specialty nylon

Widely used in automotive, communications, machinery, electronic appliances, aerospace, sporting goods, industry, medical and other fields.

Product features

High temperature resistance, low water absorption, low temperature resistance, dimensional stability, good toughness, wear-resistant shock absorption, high resilience, light weight and other characteristics.

Market layout

The company has established a complete marketing system and customer management system. The company's marketing network is centered on East China, radiating to North China and South China, and the domestic market share continues to increase. In addition, the company puts the emphasis on the layout of the international market, and establishes an international sales department to develop the international market. At present, the company's products have been sold to Europe, South America, Oceania, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions.

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