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Analysis of the output of nylon 6 chip industry, differentiated and functional nylon has become the key development direction

I. Overview of Nylon 6 chip industry

Nylon 6, namely polyamide 6, also known as PA6, is a translucent or opaque milky white crystalline polymer. Nylon 6 chips have the characteristics, such as good resistance, strong wear resistance, oil resistance, shock resistance, etc., meantime, it has high mechanical strength and heat resistance, good impact strength, high melting point, and good molding performance. Nylon 6 chips are widely used, and can be classified into fiber grade, engineering plastic grade, film grade chips and nylon composite materials according to their uses, which are made into various products respectively.

Nylon 6 chips are intermediates that link chemical raw materials and downstream applications in the nylon industry. The main raw materials upstream of the industrial chain are petroleum, coal, benzene, caprolactam, etc.; In addition, its downstream application fields are also very wide. At present, it is mainly used in nylon fiber, engineering plastics, film materials and other fields.

Nylon 6 Chip Industry Chain


II. Current situation of Nylon 6 Chip Industry

Benefiting from the advancement of polymerization technology, the stable supply of raw material caprolactam and the strong demand in downstream applications, the domestic production of nylon 6 chips has grown steadily. According to the data, the output of nylon 6 chips in China increased from 1.117 million tons in 2010 to 3.21 million tons in 2018. It is expected that with the continuous expansion of application fields, the output of nylon 6 chips in China will continue to grow steadily.






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